pumpkin season? no, pomegranate season.

who said miracle workers are only people?

who said miracle workers can only be people?

the leaves are turning, colder air has people reaching for their north face jackets and pumpkin spice is taking over everything from protein shake flavors to candles.  but what about pomegranates?  harvest has kicked off & these super-foods are available until early january.

there is no other food preparation i find more appealing on a brisk fall day than breaking open big, round, red pomegranates only to find crisp arils inside.  having both my sink and hands look like a crime scene is half the fun.

pomegranates have a high amount of polyphenols, the most abundant antioxidant in your diet.  the following are the top 3 found with the highest levels:

  • tannins: strong antimicrobial properties that inhibit growth of yeasts, bacteria and viruses as well as reduce blood pressure
  • anthocyanins: anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effect, as well as preventing cardiovascular disease.  this is what gives berries their bright, deep pigments.
  • ellagic acid: putting the breaks on wrinkles and skin inflammation from UV rays

although delicious to eat alone, there are many other ways to enjoy this fall fruit.  being one of pomegranates biggest fans, i have discovered my fair share of recipes and am passing them on to you.  sweet tooth? try dark chocolate pomegranate ginger bark.  looking to add flavor to your water? flavored ice cubes are your answer. you can throw the arils into salads, smoothies, and on top of steel cut oats in the morning.  can’t forget they go great in sangria!

put that venti pumpkin spice sugar-filled latte down and get hooked on your favorite super-food, the pomegranate


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